Movable glass igloos are an ideal way to see the Northern lights in Finnish Lapland (and so much more)

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Questions related to the features of our movable glass igloos and for example the costs of one igloo boat are fairly common to us also. Why are these glass igloos so ideal option accommodation option for seeing the Northern lights in Finnish Lapland and what does the free mobility of these pods really mena? These and many other questions will be answered in this text. 
AuroraHut in Finland, ideal glass igloo to see Northern lights in Lapland

Table of content

Where can you find AuroraHut glass igloo accommmodations in Finland and abroad?

In addition to Ranua, it is possible to stay in an AuroraHut at Oulu river and Kiiminki river, both located in Oulu, inside a reindeer farm in Saariselkä, Helsinki archipelago, Aurajoki in Turku, Oulujärvi (lake Oulu) in Kajaani, Ivalo, Kouvola, Kymijoki (Kymi river)  in Kotka, ake Kallavesi in Kuopio, Kuusamo, Nuorgam, Rovaniemi, near Pyhäjärvi (Pyhä lake) in Pyhä-Luosto, Kittilä and Salla.

AuroraHuts can also be found abroad, at least on the Norwegian side in Senja, in Kiruna, Sweden, and in Poikkijärvi.

How to check-in to AuroraHut

AuroraHutissa voit majoittua helposti myös täysin etänä käyttämällä yksilöllisen kirjautumiskoodin

Logging into an igloo could be described as an experience referring to Science Fiction movies (or doing business at an ATM). Namely, the login to the igloo takes place in such a way that the unique access code of the igloo is entered into the identification panel on the igloo’s door, with which the door opens.

If desired, the code can be ordered after booking either by e-mail or text message, which allows you to stay and work in the igloo even completely without human contact. In the spring of 2020, both Helsingin Sanomat and Iltalehti covered this topic.

Inside the AuroraHut, right next to the door, there is a control panel where the guest staying in the igloo can adjust, for example, the igloo’s internal temperature, air conditioning and turn on the lights they want. The panel also shows e.g. outdoor temperature.

AuroraHutin ohjauspaneeli, josa mm. lämpötilan ja ilmastoinnin säätö

Admire the scenery all year round

Kaikissa AuroraHuteissa on 140cm leveä parivuode

Each igloo has a 140cm wide double bed. Half of the igloo’s wall and ceiling area is glazed with large windows that are conducive to admiring the scenery. In addition to the scenery, the bed also has one ingenious feature and space solution: a luggage compartment that opens by lifting the handle on the side of the bed.

In addition, the landscape windows of the igloos have easy-to-close curtains, with which the guest can easily guarantee their privacy and enjoy a good night’s sleep, even during the nightless midsummer night. The beautiful lake scenery, on the other hand, can be enjoyed at any time of the year.

Views from AuroraHut Glass Igloo at Ranua, Finnish Lapland

Igloos' interior features

AuroraHutin Bluetooth-mediapaneeli älylaitteille

At the end of AuroraHut’s double bed, on the wall, there is a media panel to which it is possible to connect a smart device with Bluetooth function, which allows you to listen to music via igloo sound, for example. There are also two small reading lights on the media panel.

There is an openable table on the side of the bed, where it is possible to dine or work remotely, for example. It is also possible to charge wireless devices via the USB ports found on the igloo. In addition, all AuroraHuts have their own personal and high-speed WiFi connection, which the igloo guests can of course use without extra expenses.

AuroraHut lasi-iglut Ranualla - kuva kesältä 2019
Aurorahut kylmakellari e1611740554591

There are also two mystical and interesting hatches on the floor of AuroraHut, the first of which is the igloo cold cellar. Especially in colder weather, the cold cellar effectively keeps food items cool in a completely natural way.

Another opening found in the igloo is the screw-on ice opening, which makes ice fishing conveniently possible from AuroraHut’s comfortable bed and the warmth of the igloo.

Thanks to its free mobility, it is possible to move AuroraHut to a desired place on a lake, sea or river even in winter, in which case e.g. the glass igloo, known mostly as a Northern lights hut, also acts as a fully mobile ice fishing cubicle.

aurorahut lasi iglu ranua pilkkireika
AuroraHutin sisällä on myös ruoanlaittomahdollisuus

Inside AuroraHutie you will also find your own small kitchen and a water tank with fully drinkable water. For the time being, only hot water is available for these properties, and the cooking facilities are only available for our igloos by prior arrangement.

All AuroraHuts also have their own composting and ecological toilet. Washing, on the other hand, takes place either in an inn room reserved for igloo guests or in a lakeside sauna, the use of which is included in the price of all igloo bookings.

AuroraHutin kompostoiva WC

Free movability brings unlimited options

AuroraHut liikkuu kesäisin vapaasti Ranuanjärvellä veneen tavoin

AuroraHut is a year-round freely movable glass igloo that is officially registered as a boat in the eyes of Finnish law. In practice, this means that the igloo can either be anchored or temporarily placed in the desired location only with the permission of the landowner.

During the summer, AuroraHut moves from place to place either with its own electric motor or, for example, driven by a boat. In winter, it is possible to move the igloo either with an efficient snowmobile or with a track ATV, such as the one we use here in Ranua.

AuroraHut lasi-iglu Ranuanjärven jäällä talvella 2020
AuroraHut on a move at lake Ranua in spring 2020 (c) Ilkka Karttunen

Like a real boat

During the summer season, all ten of our AuroraHuts are equipped with their own terraces, which also have comfortable Ecofurn lounge chairs purchased from Veke. You can read more about decorating the igloo terraces and cooperating with the local company on the their blog page.

During the summer, the AuroraHut igloo ride on Lake Ranuanjärvi has also become very popular, during which igloo guests can steer their own igloo on the lake like a boat. Navigating is done with a remote control that can be found inside the igloo. During the ride, it is also possible to anchor the igloo to the desired location on Lake Ranuanjärvi. There are also variable pre-made routes that can 

During the summer season, the comfort of igloo accommodation is guaranteed by the igloo’s own ventilation, which cools the interior of the small igloo quite effectively, especially when the evening arrives.

AuroraHut lasi-iglut on varustettu omalla puisella terassilla sulan veden aikaan

Fully movable Northern lights igloo hut

During the winter season, AuroraHuts are really versatile igloo accommodation options. In addition to the already mentioned ice fishing hut, it is possible to move the AuroraHut to a completely light-free place in the immediate vicinity and leave it on the desired footing even overnight. This makes it possible, for example, to shoot the night starry sky or the northern lights. And best of all: after the trip, the igloo can once again move freely to the place of origin, allowing you to stay in the middle of nature for a short time, without the need to build new permanent accommodation and without the extra burden on nature. So in addition to the accommodation experience, AuroraHut is definitely also a very ecological accommodation option.

AuroraHut lasi-iglu ja revontulet kuvattuna Ranualla keväällä 2020
It's fairly easy to find spots without any light pollution at lake Ranua (c) Jari Romppainen

AuroraHut features in a nutshell

  • 12-cornered glass-walled and roofed igloo accommodation for four season.
  • Ecological double accommodation can be transferred to nature experiences.
  • Thanks to efficient space solutions, it is also possible to accommodate 1-2 children with an igloo, for example.
  • Lookout room, double bed, kitchen, dining cellar, composting toilet, ice opening in the floor.
  • Electricity produced with solar and biofuel cells, heating with renewable fuel.
  • No need for an ordinary building permit (boat, mobile, less than 10 m2), and no burden on nature from construction.
  • All igloos are equipped with their own WiFi connection and smart devices can be charged via USB ports.

Book your glass igloo stay in Ranua

We have four seasonal prices for all four seasons. Booking prices include accommodation, buffet breakfast and use of the lakeside sauna for two people.

AuroraHut glass igloo purchase price?

How much does one igloo cost? You will find the answer to this and many other questions about the igloo itself in the AuroraHut brochure, which you can order free of charge to your e-mail via AuroraHut’s own online store.

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