Terms and conditions


We follow the general terms and conditions. You can check them out here:

1. Scope and Special Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to reservations made by individuals. The reservation channel’s own rules are used primarily, the following documents bookings and cancellation terms are used secondary. However, these terms and conditions do not apply to individual bookings for groups of more than 9 people.

These terms and conditions apply to online bookings made through the property’s own website. Arctic Guesthouse & Igloos reserves the right to use special terms and conditions other than these terms and conditions if such use is justified by public
holidays, special events at the property or related services. Upon confirmation of the reservation, the customer must be informed of the content of the special conditions.

2. Booking and Confirmation

When making a reservation, the customer must provide their name, residential address, arrival and departure date and payment method. The reservation is binding on Arctic Guesthouse & Igloos once it has been confirmed verbally, in writing or for example by email. Arctic Guesthouse & Igloos may set reservation payment of confirmation by credit card as a condition of the reservation.

3. Customer’s Arrival and Departure

The room is available to guests at 14:00 on the day of arrival and must check out by 12:00 on the day of departure.

You may ask Arctic Guesthouse & Igloos for different arrival and departure times. The room is kept reserved until 18:00. If the customer arrives later, he / she must inform the property or the reservation can be canceled. If the guest has arrived at the property in accordance with the arrival time but has no room available, he / she must obtain the nearest available room of the same standard with no additional cost.

In addition, the customer is entitled to compensation for any direct damages he / she has suffered as a result of this, such as necessary telephone and travel expenses incurred in settling the matter.

4. Hotel Reservation Service

International credit card holders can use the reservation guarantee to secure their reservation. By using the booking guarantee, the room can be kept booked even after 6 pm, without the customer having to separately inform about the late arrival.

Arctic Guesthouse & Igloos will ask the cardholder for the following information:
name, card number and expiration date, address, telephone number, and email address.

Arctic Guesthouse & Igloos has the right to request this information in written or orally.

Arctic Guesthouse & Igloos will provide the following information:
the name and address of the property, the room rate including tax, the reservation
number, cancellation policy and the option of a one-day non-arrival charge if the
cardholder fails to arrive at the property by the agreed time and the cancellation
policy given by the property has not been complied with. The customer also has the
right to receive the information in writing if he or she so wishes. The customer must
keep the information provided by the property.

5. Cancellation and Non-arrival

The customer can cancel the room reservation free of charge no later than 18:00 on the day before the reservation. If the customer fails to arrive, Arctic Guesthouse & Igloos will be entitled to charge one day, if the room cannot be resold. If the customer using the booking guarantee does not cancel the reservation and fails to arrive, the property will be entitled to charge the customer’s credit card for one day, including tax, as compensation.

Arctic Guesthouse & Igloos is responsible for proving that the customer has not canceled their booking in accordance with the
cancellation policy and that they have accepted the charge to their credit card for the costs incurred. Multi-night bookings may be canceled by the customer free of charge 15 days prior to the start date of the booking. Cancellations made after this
date will be charged 30% of the value of the reservation for the period when the
room has not been resold. If the customer cancels a multiple night reservation less than two days prior to the start date of the reservation and the room cannot be rebooked, the full value of the reservation will be charged.

6. Departure Before the Agreed Time

If the customer departs before the agreed departure date, he must notify the Arctic Guesthouse & Igloos staff of his/her departure by 18:00 the day before. Otherwise, Arctic Guesthouse & Igloos will be entitled to a one-day fee. For multiple overnight stays, the customer must pay the agreed price for unused time, unless the room can be re-booked.

7. Payments

The customer pays the room upon arrival or departure at the reception of the Arctic Guesthouse & Igloos or in advance (the booking fee). Arctic Guesthouse & Igloos will deduct any pre-paid booking fee from the final room bill. If the customer
cancels the booking in breach of the cancellation policy, Arctic Guesthouse & Igloos has the right to hold the reservation fee paid by the customer. Similarly, if the customer has canceled the room in accordance with the cancellation policy, Arctic Guesthouse & Igloos is responsible for refunding the reservation fee paid by the customer, except for office expenses.

If Arctic Guesthouse & Igloos has incurred costs for special services or arrangements ordered by the customer, such as party decorations, booking other facilities needed for the order, preparing for special diets, etc., you must reimburse Arctic Guesthouse
& Igloos for such costs. Arctic Guesthouse & Igloos may deduct these costs from the refundable booking fee.

The customer has the right to cancel the booking at no cost and to refund the booking fee, if it would be unreasonable to collect it despite the cancellation or non-arrival of the customer. This is a case of serious illness, serious accident, death or other unexpected and serious incident, such as a fire in the dwelling, of the client or his / her family. A close partner is a spouse, child, parent, step-parent, sibling, grandchild, grandparent or travel partner with whom the accommodation is arranged in the same room.

The customer must promptly notify Arctic Guesthouse & Igloos of the reason for the failure to arrive and must be substantiated by a reliable statement such as a medical certificate, police investigation report or statement from the insurance company. The statement must be submitted in written form within a reasonable time of receipt of the statement by the customer via sales(a)
acrticguesthouseandigloos.com or by mail at Lehtotie 2, 97700 Ranua.

However, Arctic Guesthouse & Igloos is entitled to deduct office expenses from the refundable amount. If, due to the foregoing, the departure of the customer takes place before the agreed departure date, the price otherwise agreed under paragraph 6 may be paid by the customer for unused time, unless the room has been resold.

After confirming the reservation, Arctic Guesthouse & Igloos has no right to increase or, consequently, to lower the agreed price of accommodation. Exceptions to this are changes in taxes and other public charges that have not been taken into account when making the booking confirmation. However, Arctic Guesthouse & Igloos may not increase the agreed price for the accommodation during the 21 days prior to the start of the reservation. If the increase in the price of the accommodation after the booking is more than 10%, the customer has the right to cancel the reservation free of charge.

The customer must notify Arctic Guesthouse & Igloos of the cancellation within one week of being informed of the price increase.
Arctic Guesthouse & Igloos has a right to charge and make advance verification for international credit card holders at the time of booking. As an advance payment, credit card may be charged a reasonable booking fee upon booking. If Arctic Guesthouse & Igloos has not pre-verified the payment, they have a right to charge a reasonable security deposit for additional services (such as a minibar) upon check-in.

8. Occurrence of the Client at the Property

The customer is obliged to observe good manners and to observe the rules of the accommodation provided to him/her. In the event of a serious breach of these rules, the customer may be immediately removed from the property. However, in this
case, the customer will have to pay the price of the accommodation and the additional services they have ordered and will not be able to claim a refund of the payment already made.

9. Liability for Customer’s Property

Arctic Guesthouse & Igloos may, upon request, take over valuables from the customer. Arctic Guesthouse & Igloos has the right to charge a storage fee. If the Customer’s property to be deposited is of exceptional value, he or she must notify Arctic Guesthouse & Igloos before it is deposited. Arctic Guesthouse & Igloos may refuse to detain such property.

The customer is responsible for his / her own luggage, unless the Arctic Guesthouse & Igloos staff has taken it for storage. The
property is not responsible for the guest’s property in the room. Arctic Guesthouse & Igloos is not responsible for any damage to or loss of the customer’s vehicle or property inside the garage or parking area of the property. The Arctic Guesthouse & Igloos courtyard has a free video surveillance.

10. Customer’s Liability for Damage

Customer is responsible for any damage caused intentionally or negligently (e.g. smoking in a room) to the room, to any furniture or equipment, other facilities, and to other guests or property of Arctic Guesthouse & Igloos. Liability for damages is governed by the general principles of damages.

11. Error and Error Message

If the room or related arrangements or services ordered at the time of booking do not match what has been or may be deemed to have been agreed, there is an error in the performance of Arctic Guesthouse & Igloos. If the room is not available to the customer during the promised time, there is an error in performance.

However, the customer cannot plead an error if he does not inform the contact person indicated at the reception or booking within a reasonable time when he discovered the error or should have discovered it.

12. Error Correction and Price Reduction

Arctic Guesthouse & Igloos must repair the error at its own expense without delay. However, Arctic Guesthouse & Igloos may refuse to correct the error if it would cause unreasonable costs or undue inconvenience. You may refuse to correct the error if it would cause him / her significant inconvenience. If the error is not rectified promptly at the expense of Arctic Guesthouse & Igloos, or if the error cannot be corrected, the customer shall be entitled to a price reduction commensurate with the significance of the error. In addition, the customer is entitled to compensation for any direct damage that he or she has suffered.

13. Disputes between Arctic Guesthouse & Igloos and Customer

Arctic Guesthouse & Igloos and the customer primarily negotiate disputes between them. In case of disagreement, the client can get help from a consumer advisor. The customer may also refer the dispute to the Consumer Disputes Board. The terms and conditions of the agreement are based on the general terms and conditions of booking and cancellation of the Tourism and Restaurant Services MaRa ry.