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Arctic Guesthouse & Igloos - Accommodation in Ranua

Arctic Guesthouse & Igloos is a family owned accommodation business in a small town of Ranua, Southern Lapland of Finland.

With us, you can book a stay in a traditional B&B Guesthouse Ranua that has been at service ever since the 1940’s or try an adventurous glass igloo accommodation in one of our 10 fully mobile and floating AuroraHut glass igloos.

Along with accommodation, we also have a restaurant open year-round and wide selection of nature activities available throughout the year.

AuroraHut glass igloo is a fully movable igloo accommodation option

AuroraHut - 10 mobile Glass Igloos in Finnish Lapland

Enjoy glass igloo accommodation in Lapland in a totally new way. When staying in a year-round free-moving glass igloo boat, you will experience the natural phenomena of Lapland wherever they are at their best. Only the sky is the limit for your movable northern lights hut. 

Gasthaus Ranua - Just like visiting your grandparents

Our B&B Guesthouse has been serving its customers ever since the 1940s, and plenty of details referring to past decades can be seen both in the guesthouse’s courtyard and inside the buildings themselves.

Active Lapland holidays throughout the year

In addition to accommodation options, we also offer you the opportunity to spend active Lapland holidays with us, through year-round nature activities.

We offer our visitors an opportunity for both guided and independent activities year-round, as well as equipment rental option.

Restaurant in Ranua - at your service every day

Arctic Guesthouse & Igloos Café & Restaurant is located inside the main building of the inn. Our restaurant serves its customers all year round and is open daily from 11am to 8pm.

In our cozy restaurant, you can enjoy cold and warm drinks, savory and sweet snacks, lunch and dinner. All our room rates also include a breakfast that is served from 8am to 9am. From the menu, you will find dishes prepared with high quality, domestic ingredients for every taste.

Stories from Ranua Finnish travel blog's banner

Stories from Ranua travel blog

In our travel blog you will find a lot of useful information, as well as interesting stories about our own and business, as well as information about traveling in Finnish Lapland. In our latest blog post, we will tell you about the things that you can do in Ranua during summer.

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Interested but in need of more information about our business and Ranua in general? Check our general information page or send us a message and we will gladly help you out with your doubts. Don’t forget to check our FAQ-page also.