Experience the stunning nature of Lapland
Enjoy the most beautiful nature of Lapland. Experience the Northern lights and the famous nightless night of Lapland in middle of the stunning surroundings of lake Ranua.
Mix of traditional and modern accommodation
Enjoy unforgettable moments in a genuine old-time country atmosphere. Book your stay in a traditional B&B Guesthouse or in one of our 10 mobile AuroraHut glass igloos.
The real Lapland holiday
With us, you can relax while listening bird singing and enjoying the gently lapping waves of lake Ranua. Far away from hustle and bustle of the cities.
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AuroraHut glass igloos and a Guesthouse accommodation in Ranua, Finnish Lapland

Arctic Guesthouse & Igloos is a family owned accommodation business in a small town of Ranua, Southern Lapland of Finland.

With us, you can book a stay in a traditional B&B Guesthouse that has been at service ever since the 1940’s or in more modern accommodation options: our 10 fully mobile and floating AuroraHut Glass igloos that have been designed for enjoying landscapes and the nature phenomenon closer than ever before and in an atmospheric Carriage Sauna that takes you to very heart of the Finnish sauna traditions.

There is also a restaurant in our premises that is open throughout the year and nature activities available year-round.

AuroraHut a glass igloo to see the northern lights in Ranua, Finnish Lapland - Arctic Guesthouse & Igloos

Imagine, if there was a glass igloo that could be freely taken anywhere you want. Imagine if this very same igloo was designed so that it would ideal for experiencing spectacular landscapes and nature phenomenon such as the northern lights and midnight sun. Also imagine if these glass igloos were placed on top of a lake, which would make it easy to move them anywhere you want during both summer and winter season.

Then snap out of it and step back to the reality. Our mobile AuroraHut igloos are all this and a whole lot more…

Our B&B Guesthouse has been serving its customers ever since the 1940s, and plenty of details referring to past decades can be seen both in the guesthouse’s courtyard and inside the buildings themselves.
Arctic Guesthouse & Igloos - Gasthaus Ranua, 10 AuroraHut Glass Igloos and a mobile sauna cart in Ranua, Finnish Lapland during winter 2020.
Mobile sauna cart in Ranua, Finnish Lapland

A mobile sauna aka sauna cart? Don’t let the name fool you too much, as apart from the sauna you will also find very comfortable two-person accommodation with many modern amenities. The trolley sauna is also a fully mobile place to stay. This gives you the option to move your accommodation to the place of your choice both in summer and winter. 

This is your chance to experience the Finnish sauna tradition in a totally new way.

Active Lapland holidays throughout the year

In addition to accommodation options, we also offer you the opportunity to spend an active holiday with year-round nature activities.

During the darker months of the year, you can hunt the Northern Lights directly from our inn or enjoy the spectacular waters of Lake Ranuan with ice fishing or. Ranua’s varied ski trails are just a short walk away, and the trail around lake Ranua and the nature trail for hiking are directly accessible from the beach of the guesthouse.

All our activities include guided tours and equipment rental options.

Winter activities in Lapland: reindeer farm visit at Vaaran Porotila - Arctic Guesthouse & Igloos
Arctic Guesthouse & Igloos restaurant in Ranua

Restaurant in Ranua - at your service every day

Arctic Guesthouse & Igloos Café & Restaurant is located inside the main building of the inn. Our restaurant serves its customers all year round and is open daily from 11am to 7pm.

In our cozy restaurant, you can enjoy cold and warm drinks, savory and sweet snacks, lunch and dinner. All our room rates also include a breakfast that is served from 8am to 9am. From the menu, you will find dishes prepared with high quality, domestic ingredients for every taste.

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