Husky sleigh ride in Ranua

Winter activities in Ranua

We offer all our visitors a possibility to enjoy active winter holidays in middle of the most beautiful nature of Finnish Lapland. You can book a wide variety of guided tours and activities from us and also rent equipment for independent winter activities.

Guided winter activities

Winter activities in Lapland: reindeer farm visit at Vaaran Porotila - Arctic Guesthouse & Igloos

Reindeer farm visit

Price: 60€ / person

Visit a real reindeer farm in Ranua. The excursion includes a tour inside the reindeer farm with reindeer feeding, a short presentation about life in a reindeer farm, short reindeer sleigh ride (about 300m) and a coffee/juice/tea break inside a Lappish hut.

This winter activity is available from the beginning of November until end of March. The minimum amount of participants is two people (maximum 25). In case of no snow, the sleigh ride is replaced with traditional lasso throwing.

Guided ice fishing

Price: 45€ / person

A local instructor will guide anyone interested in ice fishing into the secrets of the sport and will show you the best fishing spots of lake Ranua. Lake Ranua is well-known for its catch security and all the possible fish catch can be prepared on-site for food. The trip can also include fire making and food at one of the local “laavus”, sledging, and a coffee/hot chocolate break at Arctic Fox Igloos.

The minimum amount of participants is two people. Price: starting from 45€ / person and the length of the excursion is about 1-2 hours.

Guided ice fishing tour with Arctic Guesthouse & Igloos
Finnish horse sleigh ride in Ranua. One of the winter activities of Arctic Guesthouse & Igloos

Finnish horse sleigh ride

From: 50€ / person

Pulled by local Finnish horses, the sleigh ride, which lasts about an hour, is an atmospheric way of exploring the guesthouse’s surroundings and the historical areas of Ranua.

Prices: 55€ for adults and 50€ children.

Snow mobile sleigh ride at lake Ranua

Price: 20€ / person

Experience the thrill of speed on the ice of Lake Ranua in snow mobile sleigh ride. A member of our staff will take you on a vigorous drive and to enjoy the beautiful winter scenery of Ranua.

This safari can be arranged both day and night time. During clear nights it’s an ideal excursion for Northern lights search. 

Minimum amount of participants is two people.

Snow mobile sleigh ride in Ranua arranged by Arctic Guesthouse & Igloos
Guided snowshoeing safari in Ranua with Arctic Guesthouse & Igloos.

Guided snowshoeing

Price: 60€ / person

Get to know to the surrounding nature in the most traditional way. Snowshoeing is a great way to take you to places that are otherwise impossible to reach during winter season. 

The length of the excursion is two to three  hours and the minimum amount of participants is two people.

Photographing trip to Riisitunturi (Posio)

Price: 125€ /person (150€/person for two participants)

A photography trip to beautiful fell Riisitunturi in Posio. This excursion is arranged and guided by professional photographer Jari Romppainen (@jarcce on Instagram). 

The minimum amount of participants is two people. The rate includes excursion, transports, hot drinks, sausage cooking and couple of pictures from the trip. 

Photography trip to Riisitunturi in Posio by Arctic Guesthouse & Igloos
Fully mobile AuroraHut glass igloo at lake Ranua in Finnish Lapland during winter

AuroraHut sleigh ride at lake Ranua

Price: 50€ / person

Take a ride on the ice of lake Ranua with one of our AuroraHut igloos. The igloo can be taken for example to Arctic Fox Igloos or Arctic Wild Ice along with getting to know to the surroundings. 

Lakeside sauna and ice swimming at Arctic Wild Ice

Price (from): 150€ / person (+50€ for the trip with AuroraHut igloo)

The excursion includes a lakeside sauna and ice swimming in the winter wonderland of Arctic Wild Ice. After the sauna there is a possibility for cooking sausages and having coffee or hot juice.

There is also a hot tub in the location and it is possible to rent it with a 200€ extra cost.

Arctic Wild Ice visit during winter season. Arctic Guesthouse & Igloos winter activities

Independent winter activities

Cross country skiing tracks in Ranua

Cross-country skiing

Ranua is quite well known of its versatile cross-country ski tracks. The closest location for skiing is at lake Ranua, which is right next to the inn. The tracks maintained by the municipality run from all the way to Ranua Zoo and back. These tracks can be accessed from the center of the town, about one kilometer away from us. 

Ice fishing

Lake Ranuanjärvi is known for its safe fishing spot. For example, it is possible to catch large pike, perch and whitefish from the lake. Ice fishing is fairly easy to start, as really good fishing spots can be reached even directly from the beach of our inn. There is no need to purchase fishing license either. You can rent the fishing equipment from our inn.

Perch ice fishing at lake Ranua
Snowmobile tracks at lake Ranua

Snow mobiling

The snow mobile tracks of Ranua run right next to the beach of our inn. This means that if you want to rent a snowmobile while staying in Ranua, you can easily access all the routes directly from our location. 

Ranua Zoo visit

Visiting the Ranua Wildlife Park is one of the highlights of most people’s holiday in Lapland. The visit is really easy to arrange independently as the zoo is only a five minutes drive away from us. You can also purchase tickets directly from us. 

Ranua Zoo winter visit


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