AuroraHut Glass Igloos in Ranua, Finnish Lapland

Arctic glass igloo resort in Finland: 10 fully mobile and floating glass igloo boats on the shores of lake Ranua, ideal for experiencing stunning nature phenomenon such as the Northern lights and mid-summer nightless night in Finnish Lapland.

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Booking rates

  • Basic rate (1.4 - 30.11): 220€/night
  • Winter season (1.12 - 31.3): 390€/night
  • Price per night, including accommodation, buffet breakfast and use of the lakeside sauna for two people. Summer season reservations include an AuroraHut glass igloo ride on Lake Ranuanjärvi. Pets can stay in igloos for an additional € 10.

The booking process will be finished in our Johku online store.

AuroraHut glass igloo accommodation possibilities

AuroraHut Glass Igloo boat - Unique accommodation experience in Ranua

Regular glass igloos were originally designed for experiencing nature phenomenon such as the Northern lights (Aurora Borealis) and midnight sun through their large scenic windows. But what if a certain nature phenomenon can only be seen in a particular location at a specific time?

Fully movable Northern lights hut

Jump aboard a mobile igloo boat and experience the year-round natural phenomena of Lapland’s nature closer than ever before. During summer, AuroraHut uses its own electric engine to move around lake Ranua and in winter, the igloos can be pulled with an ATV, for example.

Only the sky is the limit for your mobile glass igloo.

Aurora Huts are fully movable glass igloos in Finland
Aurora Hut is an ideal glass igloo for seeing the northern lights in Finnish Lapland

Green and sustainable travel option

AuroraHut lets you enjoy the surrounding nature at maximum and with clear conscience.

AuroraHut is a green accommodation option that leaves the surrounding nature untouched both during and after your stay.

Year-round igloo accommodation experience

Normal, stationary glass igloos are often thought of primarily as winter-time accommodation options. However, the free-moving and floating AuroraHut glass igloo offers the guest the opportunity for spectacular nature experiences all year round.

Thanks to the freely adjustable temperature (and ventilation), igloos are comfortable to stay in both summer and winter. Because of its free mobility and ability to float, AuroraHut is an ideal partner for both open water and winter holiday adventures in Lapland.

Share unforgettable moments in Lapland by staying at AuroraHut Glass Igloos in Ranua

AuroraHut Glass igloo features

Double bed

Ice fishing hole in the floor

Separate space for luggage

Freely adjustable indoor temperature

Terrace with chairs and table during open water season

Each igloo has its own WiFi-connection

Full year-round movability

Possibility to prepare tea or coffee

Large scenic windows

Bluetooth panel for smart devices and small work desk

Ecological toilet and separate bathroom facilities inside the inn.

Food cellar under the igloo’s floor

USB ports for charging smart devices

Power electricity from solar and biofuel cells and heating with renewable biodiesel

AuroraHut glass igloos in different seasons


The winter season offers great opportunities to admire the winter nature of Ranua from your own movable glass igloo. Winter activities can be enjoyed directly from AuroraHut’s interiors, as all igloos are equipped with their own ice holes. It is also possible to move the glass igloos (for an additional fee) temporarily to the desired location on Lake Ranuanjärvi. AuroraHut’s freely adjustable indoor temperature guarantees the guest a temperature that suits their personal preferences during the stay.

AuroraHut in Finland, ideal glass igloo to see Northern lights in Lapland
Auringonlasku Ranualla kesällä 2019 - AuroraHut lasi-iglu Ranuanjärven rannalla


Lapland’s nature comes to life again in the spring, and the spring season offers a great opportunity to enjoy the sun and spring activities, such as snowmobiling, skiing and ice fishing while the spring sun warms up. at its best just at the turn of March – April.

AuroraHut can be moved at lake Ranuanjärvi in the spring season, pulled by an ATV. The glass  igloos will become boats as soon as Ranuanjärvi melts.


Experience the famous summer of Lapland and its most  wonderful nature phenomenon closer than ever before. During the summer season, AuroraHut glass igloos turn into igloo boats that move around Ranuanjärvi with the help of their own electric engines. An igloo ride on Lake Ranuanjärvi is included in the price of the reservation.

During the summer season, the igloos are also equipped with their own terraces and loungers.

AuroraHut lasi-iglu ja soutuvene Ranuanjärvellä kesällä 2019
AuroraHut lasi-iglu ja revontulet Ranuanjärven rannassa syksyllä 2019.


Autumn is a great time to admire the changing nature of Lapland and its wonderful color splendor. In autumn, you can enjoy wonderful moments, for example, by wrapping yourself in a warm blanket while admiring the sunset, the starry sky or the northern lights.

Frequently asked questions

The price of the accommodation includes AuroraHut glass igloo accommodation, buffet breakfast and access to the lakeside sauna for two people.

If you want to stay with us without human contact, you can easily do so by ordering a unique access code for your igloo, with which you can log in and out of the igloo on your own. Breakfast can also be ordered directly in the igloo’s food cellar.

In practice, the free movement of igloos means that igloos can be moved from one place to another all year round. In summer, the AuroraHut moves with its own electric motor or pulled by a boat, and in the winter, the igloo can be moved on the lake, driven by a track ATV, for example.

In the eyes of the law, AuroraHut is a boat, which is why igloos can be temporarily placed in the desired location only with the permission of the landowner.

Each AuroraHut is equipped with an ecological toilet.

Bathrooms are located inside the newer main building of the guesthouse, where we have booked one guest rooms dedicated for our igloo guests. It is also possible to use the bathroom of our lakeside sauna, which our igloo guests can use without an extra charge during their stay. 

AuroraHuts were designed mainly for two people accommodations, but it is also possible to accommodate 1-2 children in one igloo, along with two adults. If your own situation makes you think about the possibilities, feel free to contact our customer service either by phone or e-mail. We are happy to help you book suitable accommodation.

Pets are also welcome to stay in our igloos. We charge an additional fee of € 10 for pets.

During the open water season, AuroraHut is controlled  with a remote control found inside the igloo, the use of which you will receive guidance from the staff of our accommodation.

Check-in starts mainly at 2 pm and ends in the evening. Check-out, in turn, takes place by half a day. However, we are prepared to be flexible when schedules are agreed separately and the situation allows.

We offer the possibility to modify the reservation whenever the situation allows. You can inquire about this possibility either by email or phone. If the booking situation allows for a change, the change is free of charge. It’s worth mentioning that because of the seasonal booking rates, it is not possible to move your booking from one season to another free of charge.

Cancellation is free of charge two weeks before the start of the booking, after which we will charge a portion of the total amount of the booking in increments. You can read more about the booking and cancellation conditions from this link.

Customer testimonials

"We then spent three nights in their Aurora Huts (Igloos) on the frozen lake. The huts are ultra modern and have lots of facilities packed into a small space. A toilet (no shower), two gas cooking rings, a fridge (storage box under the ice), bluetooth speaker, fishing hole, good wifi, efficient and warm heating and chargers for usb."
TripAdvisor logo
Couple traveller
"The igloo itself is quite compact but had everything we need for our short stay. We especially enjoyed the build in speakers within the igloo that allowed us to add another sensory experience to our stay. Additionally, the opportunity to take the igloo around the lake was an amazing opportunity. We also took a try on one of the many yard games they had available for guests to use. The only minus we had was the small door to enter the igloo as both of us ended up hitting our head to the top of the door frame (though we were actually warned about this as we were shown our igloo)"
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A Unique Bucket List Experience
"The igloos are excellent, and really different from what we expected, extremely modern with LED lighting, a Bluetooth speaker to connect mobile devices, WiFi....that's right, WiFi, usb sockets for charging, futuristic digital light switches, a console that tells you the temperature, humidity etc and much more."
TripAdvisor logo
Travel blogger
"Lovely place to stay in Lapland: we spend one night in one of the Igloos, it is amazing to sleep under the stars (and under the aurora if you are lucky) surrounded by an ice lake (in wintertime). The host family is extremely kind; they offered plenty of activities to do at a very reasonable price. We enjoyed Ice fishing, Finnish sauna, snow mobile, and the best: ICE BATH (they made a hole in the middle of the lake so we could have the real Finnish experience!!"
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Couple traveller
"We stayed 4 nights in the igloo on the frozen and snowy lake, a real moment of happiness. The igloo is very clean and very well appointed, it has a small kitchen, toilet and table. The unobstructed and unobstructed view is a real added value. The sympathy and availability of the entire team is remarkable. A restaurant is at our disposal, the menu is delicious and the breakfast too. You can also enjoy the sauna, sledges. "
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Couple traveller
"We were not sure what to expect due to little or no review on the igloo online but we were pleasantly surprised. Pros: -Clean and compact igloo on the frozen lake, it's the perfect mini retreat -Basic amenities provided with water and welcome marshmallows, that was cute -We spent Christmas eve there there was a mini Christmas buffet, it was nice home cooked food -They cut a hole in the lake for you to jump in if you want to try, that was fun"
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Astrid N
Pleasantly surprised! Recommended
"This place is truly unique, for sure in Finland, probably in the world. Feels like an igloo with all the comfort, and with glass to observe the sky. If you’re ever around, don’t even hesitate and take at least one night !!"
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Steven H

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