AuroraHut Glass Igloos in Ranua

Igloo hotel in Lapland: 10 fully mobile and floating igloo boats on the shores of lake Ranua.

Arctic Guesthouse & Igloos: 10 AuroraHut Glass Igloos, mobile sauna cart and Gasthaus Ranua in Finnish Lapland

AuroraHut Glass Igloo boat - Unique igloo accommodation

Regular glass igloos were originally designed for experiencing nature phenomenon such as the Northern lights (Aurora Borealis) and midnight sun through their large scenic windows. But what if a certain nature phenomenon can only be seen in a particular location at a specific time?

Fully movable Northern lights hut

All our 10 mobile Northern lights huts are located on the shores of Lake Ranua. This makes it possible to move the glass igloos wherever you want, whenever you want. During summer, AuroraHut can be moved with a boat or with it’s own engine and during winter you can pull the igloo with a snow mobile or ATV.  

The most beautiful parts of virtually untouched nature and nature phenomenon such as the Northern lights and midnight sun are just a short ride away and the best thing is that your accommodation always moves with you.

Only the sky is a limit for your fully mobile glass igloos.

AuroraHut lasi-iglu tinkerin vedettävänä talvella 2020 Ranuanjärven jäällä. Arctic Guesthouse & Igloos
AuroraHut Glass Igloo boat and a rowboat on lake Ranua during summer

Green and sustainable travel option

AuroraHut igloo combines an ecological and luxury accommodation in a tight 12 square meter package. Since this is a fully mobile accommodation, there is no need to build new permanent accommodation to get to certain locations which of course is excellent thing for the nature. 

In the eyes of Finnish law, our igloos are considered as boats, which means that they can freely be taken to any location with sole land owner’s permission.

The igloo also produces its own electricity through solar panels during spring and summer season.


Each AuroraHut igloo is equipped with a wide variety of luxury amenities. A comfortable double bed ensures you a good nights sleep, a private kitchenette allows you to cook and prepare coffee and tea inside the igloo. You can even catch your own food through the ice fishing hole that is located next to your bed or from your own terrace during the summer season.

You can also charge your mobile devices and laptops through the igloo’s USB-ports and use your igloo’s personal WiFi for surfing. 

Share unforgettable moments in Lapland by staying at AuroraHut Glass Igloos in Ranua
Northern lights seen from inside AuroraHut Glass Igloo


  • Two person accommodation (option for an extra mattress or a crib)
  • Ecological toilet (bathroom and sauna inside the Guesthouse)
  • Separate space for luggage under the bed mattress
  • Cellar for food items under the igloo's floor
  • Large scenic windows for landscape viewing
  • Electricity through solar panels in summer and biofuel cell during winter.
  • Full mobility throughout the year
  • Freely adjustable indoor temperature
  • Own terrace during open water season
  • USB port for charging mobile devices and laptops
  • Free personal WiFi connection


All booking rates include two people. Buffet breakfast and access rights to our guesthouse’s both saunas are included in the rate.

Ps. Did you know that you can also delight your loved ones with AuroraHut igloo gift card.

AuroraHut Glass Igloo boat floating at lake Ranua, Finnish Lapland, during summer 2019 - Arctic Guesthouse & Igloos

Summer season

When summer arrives, the AuroraHut igloo moves easily from place to place on lake Ranua. From your private terrace, it is easy to enjoy the famous summer of Lapland and nature phenomenon such as the midnight sun. 

For safety reasons, the igloos are anchored and attached to our igloo dock during night time. The igloo’s own air conditioning guarantees pleasant indoor temperature also during warm summer nights.

The AuroraHut is also a perfect partner for your summer adventures. With the igloo’s own engine, you are able to take your bicycle, fishing equipment or berry bucket to a desired position and reach the best locations of Ranua for your desired activities. Remember that we also offer our visitors a wide variety of different kinds of summer activities

Revontulet ja AuroraHut lasi-iglu Ranualla syyskuussa 2019 - Arctic Guesthouse & Igloos

Autumn season

The darkening autumn evenings provide a great opportunity to admire the colors of autumn and the dance of the Northern lights. As the evening dims, it is wonderful to wrap up in a blanket and enjoy the romantic moments at your very own terrace.

The autumn season most definitely is one of the best times to enjoy the changes of the beautiful nature of Lapland and the darkening nights also offer you an excellent chance for Aurora Borealis hunting. 

The igloos will remain fully movable at the lake until the lake freezes. This makes it possible to drive at the lake with your very own mobile glass igloo.

AuroraHut Glass Igloo at lake Ranua during summer 2019 - Arctic Guesthouse & Igloos

Spring season

In spring, you can experience the awakening of nature. Enjoy the spring sun and the sounds of nature on your igloo’s very own terrace. Spring season is also most definitely one of the best times for winter activities such as snowmobiling, cross-country skiing and ice fishing that can be done directly through the ice fishing hole of the AuroraHut.

Beginning of April also is a great time for searching the Northern lights as the nights are still dark and the Aurora activity usually reasonable high. 

Glass igloo to see the Northern lights in Ranua, Finnish Lapland - Arctic Guesthouse & Igloos

Winter season

The winter season offers great opportunities to admire the northern lights from the igloo’s large glass windows. Winter activities can also be enjoyed directly from the interior of AuroraHut if desired and the igloo can be even moved around the lake with an ATV by request.

The igloos’ indoor temperature can freely be adjusted from the igloo’s control panel that is located next to the entrance.

The whole winter season is a great time to enjoy the real Lapland experience and the possibility to see the Northern lights is usually good throughout the whole time-frame. 

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