Information about us and Ranua

Ranua is located in Southern Finnish Lapland, “between” Rovaniemi and Oulu. Our location is ideal in many perspectives as Ranua works well as a stop between other destinations in Lapland. On the other the close to the nature town offers you the possibilityalso for longer stops. The most well known attraction, Ranua Wildlife Park is located only about five minute drive away from us.

Our 10 AuroraHut glass igloos and a traditional bed and breakfast guesthouse in Ranua Finnish Lapland
Arctic Guesthouse & Igloos B&B Inn Courtyard during summer

History of the guesthouse

Arctic Guesthouse & Igloos is a family-run business in Ranua, which runs its business in facilities of the legendary Gasthaus Ranua that has been at service ever since the 1940s. Interesting details remains of the history of that time. For example, the reinforcement of the foundations of the main building is made of rifle barrels.

There has been a farm and an Esso gas station in the yard. The main building was once home to the SYP Bank and there had been also a shop / kiosk.

Accommodation capacity

Arctic Guesthouse & Igloos’ Inn can accommodate more than 50 people at a time. The guesthouse has a total of 18 rooms, which are ideally suited to different sized travel parties.

There are also a total of 10 AuroraHut igloos and, with the possibility of adding extra mattresses, these will add capacity for a further 20-30 people at a time. In addition, the mobile trolley sauna can accommodate two people at a time.

Gasthaus Ranuan yhden ja kahden hengen huoneet

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