Summer and autumn activities in Ranua

Spend an active holiday in middle of the most beautiful nature of Finnish Lapland. When staying with us, you can book a wide variety of guided summer and autumn activities, as well as spend time doing plenty of independent activities. We also have an equipment rental option available for fishing gear and SUP boards.

Guided summer activities

We organize guided summer activities for our guests, where you can find more information below. The booking buttons take you to Johku online store, where bookings are completed. If you wish, you can also inquire and book activities by phone or e-mail. It is also possible to book activities on site at the reception of our inn.

Vaaran Porotila visit during summer season. One of Arctic Guesthouse & Igloos' summer activities.

Reindeer farm visit in summer

Price: starting from 30€/person

Visit to Vaara reindeer farm includes a feeding tour inside the farm and a short presentation about life in a reindeer farm. At the end of the excursion, you can enjoy warm drinks at a Lappish hut.

Children under the age of 4 can visit the farm for free. Price for adults 30€ plus 20€ for the back and forth transport. Minimum amount of participants: 2 and maximum: 25.

Bear photography trip in Kuusamo

Price: starting from 365€/person (minimum 4 participants)

Get to know to the stunning nature of Kuusamo and book a photography trip for bears that come to feed from Russia. The price includes guidance, transportation, a snack (bread and juice) and sausage cooking. The duration of the journey is about 7-10 hours. Minimum amount of participants is 4 people. and 25 is the maximum.

Bear photography trip in Kuusamo arranged by Arctic Guesthouse & Igloos
Visit to petting zoo Arkadia in Maksniemi. One of Arctic Guesthouse & Igloos summer activities.

Petting Zoo Arkadia visit

Price: starting from 90€/person (minimum 4 people)

A visit to Petting Zoo Arkadia includes reindeer farm feeding round and story telling about reindeers, a visit to the petting zoo and a coffee break.

The minimum amount of visitors is 4 people and prices are 90€ per person. This includes transport and the visit to the petting zoo. Duration of the trip is 5-6 hours.

Hiking trip to Auttiköngäs, Korouoma or Riisitunturi

Price: from 120€/person (minimum 4 people)

Enjoy the stunning nature of Lapland with a skillful hiking guide. The duration of the trip is about 4-5 hours and the price includes transportation and the hike. 

Hiking trip in Riisitunturi, Posio arranged by Arctic Guesthouse & Igloos
SUP boarding at lake Ranua during summer 2020

Guided SUP boarding at lake Ranua

Price: starting from 55€/hour

Discover the secrets of the summer’s favorite sport in Lake Ranua. Guided SUP boarding offers a great opportunity for exercise and exploring the beautiful summer landscapes.

In addition to guided tours, we also offer the possibility to rent SUP boards, for 10 € / hour or 40 € / day.

Cart riding with Finnish horses

Price: from 25€/hour

Lähde Ranuan kylänraitille hevosen kärryillä tai vaunuissa istuen. Kellon kilkatus ja kavioiden kopse tuo nostalgisen tunnelman suomenhevosen seurassa.

Suomenhevoskärryajelu Ranualla
Galliform hunting in Ranua with a hunting dog

Guided galliform hunting in Ranua

Price: from 300€

Experience an experiential galliform hunt in the pure nature of Lapland. More information about the activity can be found in our online store.

Guided hike on the Koronjää ring route

Price: from 600€, incl. 8 people

Guided hike on the Koronjää ring route in Korouoma. The total duration of the trip is about 5 hours. You can find out more about the activity in our online store.

Korouoma Koronjää hiking route ice climbing wall
Guided fatbike driving trip in Ranua, Finnish Lapland

Guided Fatbike trip

Price: 75€/person

Fatbike makes it easy to travel on all types of terrain in the Finnish nature. The scenery changes quickly and comfortably on the back of the bike. The guided excursion with fat bikes takes about 3 hours. You can find out more about the activity in our online store.

Guided fishing trip

Price: 75€/person

Sports fishing is a nice summer activity, whether you are alone or with a group of friends. A guided fishing trip will take you to the best fishing spots of Ranua. You can find out more about the activity in our Johku online store.

Guided fishing trip in Ranua, Finnish Lapland

Independent activities

Ranua is a small town with many things to do. You can find more information from our blog, where we have written a post full of information about all the things that you can do in Ranua during summer. Some of our picks for independent activities can also be found below.

Hyvinvointimaja Ranzo on Ranualla sijaitseva kuntosali

Gym exercising in Ranua

Single entry: 8€

Located in the center of the village of Ranua, Ranzo Wellness Center is a high-quality gym where you can work out with Fitnord Diamond weight training equipment and free weights. It is possible to buy one-time gym visits from the reception of our inn.

Ranua Zoo summer visit

A visit to Ranua Zoo is, for good reason, an integral part of a summer holiday for many families. You can also buy tickets for adults and children through our online store. Please note that family tickets are only available at Ranua Zoo’s own outlets.

Ranua Zoo Wildlife Park's wild boars in summer 2018
Cloudberry picking in Ranua, Finnish Lapland

Cloudberry picking

Cloudberry picking is a very popular late summer activity throughout Lapland. Ranua holds the title of Finland’s official cloudberry town and the cloudberry selling is really active, e.g. at Hillatori in the center of the village. Jam picking can also be a very lucrative hobby, as you can get a sale price of more than 20 euros per kilo of fresh Lapland cloudberry.

Flyfishing in Simojoki and Ranuanjoki rivers

There are many good fishing spots in Ranua, for example for fly fishing for grayling. You can read the Simojoki and Ranuanjoki fishing place guide on our blog page.

Grayling fly fishing at Veneheitto in Simojärvi river Finnish Lapland
Lean-to and firewood shed in the Ranua Zoo nature path

Hiking and camping in Ranua

Ranua has many easily accessible places suitable for hiking and trekking. On our blog page you will find a comprehensive guide to hiking and trekking routes in Ranua and the surrounding areas.

Northern lights photography in autumn

The northern lights season starts in Lapland after mid-August, and autumn is one of the best times to perpetuate this stunning natural phenomenon. You can read more about the Northern Lights and photography on our blog.

Northern lights in Finnish Lapland in September

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