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Arctic Guesthouse & Igloos - Gasthaus Ranua, 10 AuroraHut Glass Igloos and a mobile sauna cart in Ranua, Finnish Lapland during winter 2020.

Rates for accommodation in Ranua

Find your accommodation in Ranua. With us you can book an igloo hotel stay in one of our 10 AuroraHut glass igloos or bed and breakfast accommodation in legendary Gasthaus Ranua inn.

All our booking rates include a breakfast at our restaurant and access rights to the Guesthouse’s electric sauna.

AuroraHut Glass Igloos

Ten floating and fully movable Glass Igloo boats on the shores of lake Ranua
Northern lights captured at lake Ranua in Finnish Lapland

Winter season (1.12 - 31.3)

Price: 390€/night

AuroraHut Glass Igloo at lake Ranua during summer 2019 - Arctic Guesthouse & Igloos

Spring season (1.4 - 31.5)

Price: 290€ / night

Views from AuroraHut glass igloo in Ranua, Finnish Lapland during summer

Summer season (1.6 - 30.9)

Price: 190€ / night

Revontulet ja AuroraHut lasi-iglu Ranualla syyskuussa 2019 - Arctic Guesthouse & Igloos

Autumn season (1.10 - 30.11)

Price: 290€ / night

B&B Guesthouse

The legendary Gasthaus Ranua with 18 rooms and more than 50 bed places in total.
Yhden hengen huone Gasthaus Ranuassa - Arctic Guesthouse & Igloos

Single room

From: 55€ / night

Gasthaus Ranua kahden hengen huone - majoitus Ranualla

Double room

From: 69€ /night

Arctic Guesthouse & Igloosin (Gasthaus Ranua) majatalon kolmen hengen huone yleiskuva

Triple room

From: 78€ /night

Gasthaus Ranua, neljän hengen huone yleiskuva

Quadruple room

From: 87€ / night

Two bedroom apartment in Arctic Guesthouse & Igloos


From: 140€ /night