AuroraHut Glass Igloo ride information

AuroraHut lasi-igluvene Ranuanjärvellä kesällä

Information about AuroraHut igloo rides

The igloo boat may only be carried, steer or controlled by a person who has the sufficient age, ability and skill necessary to control the igloo boat in the circumstances. The registered motorized watercraft may only be controlled or controlled by a person who has reached the age of 15.  Igloo cannot be moved or steered under the influence of alcohol. (Water Transport Act and drunk steering.)

The “skipper” of the glass igloo need to exercise the carefulness required by the circumstances and shall act in such a way as not to hamper or interfere with the movement of others in the waters without compellingreason,  nor to endanger or harm others, or to any hazard or significant or unnecessary injury or disturbance to nature or other environment, fishing, public recreational use of nature or any other public or private interest.

The igloo boat needs to be controlled at the specified speed and at the speed correctly selected in the circumstances in order to avoid collision and damage to the environment. The igloo boat must not be anchored or moved too close to the premises owned by private individuals. Overnight stay in an Aurorahut glass igloo is always done so that the igloo is anchored at the shore of the inn. Unless otherwise agreed.

The skipper of the AuroraHut igloo boat must, to the best of his or her ability, take part in the rescue measures required by law elsewhere, as well as in other actions that may be caused by an accident or incident.

There always needs to be a chief on board of the igloo boat, who is responsible for the steering of the igloo during the trip and for the safety of the trip. A chief is a person who guides or controls the movements of the igloo. By signing this document, the chief of the igloo boat undertakes to comply with the instructions given.

If the igloo chief has caused damage or the igloo has been damaged (including a technical fault) during the journey, its chief must immediately notify Arctic Guesthouse & Igloos of the damage by telephone on +358 400 268 960, and in the event of major damage / accidents, primarily to the emergency center (112).

In addition, the skipper of the igloo is obliged to compensate for damage caused by the chief’s own negligence or failure to follow the instructions given. In matters of damages, the Compensation Act is complied with. In such cases the amount of deductible is 500€.

Arctic Guesthouse & Igloos staff have the right to refuse access to the lake if they consider that the master is unable to follow the instructions given and thus ensure the safe progress of the igloo ride. In addition, our staff has the right – if the situation so requires – to suspend the activity after it has already started.

Moving the igloos during spring and autumn

AuroraHut glass igloos can be moved from one place to another when Lake Ranuanjärvi is frozen. However, in the transfer of igloos, we put the safety of our customers and staff first, which in practice means that it is only possible to move igloos from one place to another when the ice situation and other conditions on the lake allow it. In these situations, we follow the safety instructions given by the local rescue authorities. The transfer of Iglu during the winter season is an additional service for a fee, which you can buy either from our online store or from the reception of our inn.