Finland opens up for international travel – border restrictions from EU and Schengen countries will be eased in June

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Entering Finland from EU and Schengen countries is allowed for those who have received an approved COVID-19 vaccination series and for those who have had covid inside the last six months period prior entry. These changes will take effect on June 21. On 17 June, the Finnish Government decided also that internal border controls and restrictions on external border traffic will be extended until 11 July 2021.
Finland travel restrictions eased for EU and Schengen countries

Restrictions on internal border traffic will be reduced

Internal border traffic means traffic between Finland and other EU and Schengen countries. The previous decision made on 3rd June will be modified so that, starting on 21st of June, entering Finland based on work will be allowed in all forms of transport from EU and Schengen countries.

In addition, entering our country from EU or Schengen countries will also be permitted if the person has a certificate of a completed COVID-19 vaccination series received before arrival or a certificate, which states that they have recovered from COVID-19 less than six months ago.  In general, this means that leisure travel to Finland is also allowed, when these terms are fulfilled.

Traveling will be allowed in the following situations:

1) You have received a full COVID-19 vaccination series (one or two doses depending on the vaccine that is given in your home country) and at least two weeks have passed since you had the last dose.

2) You have had COVID-19 before and received at least one vaccine dose, and at least one week has passed since you received the vaccine dose.

3) You have had COVID-19 less than 6 months ago.

Countries included

Based on an epidemiological assessment, internal border controls will be lifted from travel between Finland and Poland as well as Hungary.

Finland is now restricting entry from Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland, all these include an exception of leisure boating.

Only small changes to restrictions on external traffic

External border traffic means traffic between Finland and non-Schengen, so called, third countries. Based on an epidemiological assessment, restrictions on entry will be lifted for arriving traffic from Monaco, Romania and San Marino. Restrictions on entry have already been lifted earlier for traffic arriving from the Vatican, and for traffic that is between Finland and Australia, South Korea, Israel, Singapore, Rwanda and New Zealand. Entering our country from these countries is not restricted thanks to the low incidence of COVID-19, which makes them low-risk countries.

For other countries, the restrictions of entering will be further extended until 11th July 2021. At border crossing points that are open to passenger traffic, the accepted criteria for entering Finland are the return of people who are living in our country or in another EU or Schengen country and for some other important reasons. However, non-Finnish citizens living in another EU or Schengen country are not allowed to return to their country of residence passing through Finland if the transit is related to leisure travel. This rule does not apply to air traffic. Cruise vessels are allowed to call at ports but their passengers are not allowed to come ashore.

Practice special caution when traveling to EU and Schengen countries

Under the Constitution of Finland, Finnish citizens and people residing in Finland have the right to return to at any time, and everyone has the right to leave Finland if they so wish, provided that there are no legal reasons prohibiting this.

However, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in Finland recommends that special caution will be exercised when travelling to the EU countries and Schengen area. The Ministry also recommends avoiding unnecessary traveling to countries outside the EU and Schengen. This includes an exception for those countries, where the restrictions on entry have already been lifted.

In addition, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs still recommends avoiding all travel to Brazil, South Africa and India, where the COVID-19 situation is still considerably worse. Travelers also need to find about the current entry and quarantine regulations of their country of destination.

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