TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice 2021 award

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Arctic Guesthouse & Igloos earned another great achievement again this fall as our business received the TripAdvisor Travelers ’Choice 2021 Award thanks to good customer reviews.
TripAdvisor Travelers' Choice 2021 -palkinto

A prestigious honor is awarded only to the best in their field and area

TripAdvisor started giving the Travelers’ Choice Awards back in 2002 and is now the largest honorable mention shared by one of the world’s largest travel sites.

The honorable mention, which is awarded annually, is given only to the most successful companies in their area. The Travelers ’Choice Award is based on reviews and feedback from customers who have visited the companies. The purpose of the honorable mention is to reward tourism companies for their smooth service, quality, customer satisfaction and other criteria in many different categories.

The different categories are divided not only by region but also by different types of destinations, such as beaches, monuments, attractions, hotels and restaurants. There are dozens of different categories in the tourism industry, which makes it possible to get an honorable mention for really many types of companies.

The great thing about the Travelers’ Choice Awards is that they are not only awarded to well-known and popular holiday destinations, but an honorable mention can be won by any company that has made a positive impact on the customers who visit there.

How are TripAdvisor Travelers ’Choice Awarded companies selected?

As stated: Companies that have received the Travelers’ Choice honorable mention are selected entirely based on feedback and reviews received from customers. It is therefore extremely important for tourism companies to play their part with honor in terms of both customer satisfaction and service quality.

In addition, businesses need to get customers to submit feedback to TripAdvisor as efficiently as possible. To make this more effective, companies use, for example, small business cards that ask them to leave a review of the service after a visit. In addition, through many booking channels, it is possible to send automated messages asking the customer to rate the place after visiting.

In addition, communication with customers on the network side is important. If your business has a business account with TripAdvisor, it’s a good idea to keep it as active as possible. Simply put, it is worthwhile to respond to customer feedback, including negative feedback, and thereby demonstrate that the company really cares about its customers as well as the feedback they provide.

With regard to the answers given to customers, it is important to maintain courtesy and thereby invest in the answers – even in the case of negative feedback, it is not advisable to throw yourself in a defensive and rather rude approach, but assure guests that all feedback is important and that the company always strives as far as possible. It is therefore worth acknowledging any mistakes openly and pointing out that the aim is to learn from such mistakes and thereby make things even better in the future.

How does TripAdvisor reward award winning businesses?

TripAdvisor gives all award-winning companies the opportunity to celebrate their honorable mention on various social media channels and on their websites.

There are ready-made templates that can be added to the images, in addition to which it is possible to grab a snippet of HTML code from the company profile that can be easily embedded in your own website.

TripAdvisor also has ready-made press release templates, which can be used to inform various media about winning the award. In the past, TripAdvisor also distributed winning stickers to companies, which made it possible to inform customers already present about the award. However, this service is currently unavailable.

For Arctic Guesthouse & Igloos, the award is best seen on our social media channels, our TripAdvisor profile, and the footer of our website, to which we have added the recognition we received in image form.

Clicking the image in the footer will take you to our TripAdvisor profile to read reviews from our customers.

We are very grateful and happy to receive the honorable mention, which gives us a clear indication about appreciating the hard work that we are putting to satisfy our visitors. Because this award was given largely thanks to the customers who have already visited us: we would like to give a big thank you to all of you as well. This type of award motivates us to continue doing good work also in the future.

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