The complete list of non-stop flights to Rovaniemi for winter season 2021

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The travel business in Finland has started to recover and this also means that there are now more international flights available to the capital of Finnish Lapland. In this blog post, we will list all the non-stop flights and airlines flying to Rovaniemi this winter.
Finnair is one of the airlines with direct flights to Rovaniemi

Information about Rovaniemi airport

Rovaniemi Airport is located close to the Arctic circle, and it is the second largest airport in Finland. This airport is very international, especially during the busier tourist season. In terms of passenger numbers, it is one of the busiest airports in Finland. Flight traffic to Rovaniemi is especially busy during the winter season, when many international travelers are visiting multiple locations in Finnish Lapland. Rovaniemi also is the official home airport of Santa Claus.

You can find more comprehensive information about Rovaniemi airport’s facilities and services on Finavia website.

All direct flights to Rovaniemi

Most of the direct flights to Rovaniemi come from Helsinki, which is the largest airport in Finland. But there is also a nice selection of international flights available for the coming winter season.

One of the main sources of flights to Rovaniemi is the Gatwick airport in London, which mainly brings British tourists to visit Finnish Lapland in their winter holidays. The second larger source will be Barcelona in Spain. The flights from Spain to Lapland will commence in December. The same time schedule applies also to Milan, Düsseldorf, and the French capital Paris, which all have direct flights to Rovaniemi this winter.

One of the newest additions to Rovaniemi flight selection is the Turkish capital Istanbul, which will have flights available to Finnish Lapland from December to February. Luxembourg city in Luxemburg will start to have direct flights to Rovaniemi from February and this once again is a new option for us.

Airlines flying to Rovaniemi

In addition to cities, it is also important to know which different airlines fly to Rovaniemi. There are many big and reliable airlines available, which also make it all the time easier to visit the Finnish Lapland.

In domestic flights Finnair and Norwegian are the two airlines flying between Helsinki and Rovaniemi. Thanks to this fact, there are usually multiple daily flights available from the Finnish capital.

Out of the international airlines, the biggest one probably is Turkish Airlines, which will of course be flying to Rovaniemi from Istanbul airport. The French airline Air France will be taking care of the flights from Paris to Rovaniemi. EasyJet, on the other hand is responsible of two flight routes to Rovaniemi as the airline will fly to Finland both from Milan and London.

TUI Fly will have one flight route to Finland from Barcelona and Neos oversees some of the flights from Milan to Rovaniemi. The flights from Düsseldorf to Rovaniemi are flown by Eurowings and Luxair on the other hand is responsible for the flights from Luxembourg.  

Alternate airports nearby

Flying to an alternative airport near Rovaniemi could potentially give you additional options to reach your holiday destination. This option gives you for example, the possibility to fly with a different airline or alliance or even finding a cheaper airfare. For this reason, alternative airports near to Rovaniemi (RVN) are also worth considering. The closest alternative airport to Rovaniemi are Kemi / Tornio (KEM) and Kittilä (KTT) airports, while Oulu is the biggest alternate available but already hours away from Lapland by car.

It is also worth remembering that the only intercontinental flights to Rovaniemi Airport are from the Middle East (Istanbul). This means that there are no direct connections to Rovaniemi from the United States, Canada, Southern America, Central America, the Caribbean, Africa, Southern Asia, China, Japan, Eastern Asia, South-Eastern Asia, Central Asia, or Oceania.

You shouldn’t worry about this too much as Helsinki-Vantaa Airport is a great option for stopover. The Helsinki Airport has been chosen many times as one of the best ones in the world and a stopover in Helsinki usually goes very smoothly and basically in no time. So, using Helsinki as your intermediate stage is not going to give you a lot of extra things to think about, but instead it gives you much more options to fly to Lapland.

Learn more about the subject: Flight Connections | Flights to Rovaniemi

Main image of the article: Finnair | Visit Finland

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