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Actor brothers Pertti and Ilkka Koivula

More than 50 facts about Ranua (Part 2)

The first version of The 50 Facts About Ranua ended up getting so much feedback, both on Facebook and via email, that I decided to continue the facts about Ranua in a part two. This slightly shorter list will be one I will be happy to update in the future. Suggestions and ideas can be sent via the contact form at the end of this blog post.

Majoitus Ranuanjärven rannalla - Gasthaus Ranua

Guesthouse Ranua – inn’s presentation

Throughout our business operation, we have received a very large number of different questions regarding our inn and its history. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at both the history of the inn and what the two main buildings of Gasthaus Ranua actually hide inside.

As this is a very interesting and diverse topic, we also welcome any additions to the text. You can submit your own information or just memories via the contact form at the end of this text.

Snowmobile tracks at lake Ranua

10 tips for an active winter holiday in Ranua

January is coming to an end and the days are slowly getting longer. The holidays and longer holidays at Christmas and New Year are just a memory, but the next holiday season is soon ahead here in Finland, as ski holidays are celebrated all over in weeks eight, nine and ten. In this blog post, we present ten tips on how it is possible to spend a winter holiday full of activities in Ranua.

Ranua Wildlife Park's Väinö lynx, known from movie Tommy and the Wildcat

50 facts about Ranua

Our small town of Ranua is a place whose history and modernity conceal many interesting stories. In this blog post, we will tell you a few of these facts. Welcome to read more than 50 facts about Ranua, part one.

Cross country ski tracks in Ranua

Ranua’s cross-country ski tracks invite you to exercise in middle of the nature

Winter is approaching and now is the right time to start planning for the upcoming cross-country skiing season, among other things. Ranua, which often enjoys early first snow, is a great alternative for ski enthusiasts who are looking for a varied trail map for the beginning of winter. In this blog post, we go through the ski trails close to the center of the village of Ranua, both maintained by the municipality and managed by the help of the team.

Autumn trekking in Posio Riisitunturi hiking routes in Finnish Lapland

Hiking trails and camping sites in Ranua and surrounding areas

Autumn is a time for camping, hiking and trekking. In this blog post, we bring together many hiking trails and their features found in Ranua and its surrounding area. All the destinations mentioned in the blog post are suitable for hikers and trekkers of all ages and are so near to Ranua that visits can be easily made even as day trips.

Northern lights photo from Multilahti in Ranua

Northern lights – the most famous natural phenomena of Finnish Lapland

The new northern lights season will start again in Lapland at the end of August, when the nights will be dark enough again to observe this stunning light phenomenon in the northern sky. Since northern lights are probably the most famous of Lapland’s many natural phenomena, it is good to start our new blog with this theme. In this text, we present e.g. the birth of the Aurora borealis, the duration of the season and how northern lights can be photographed. Welcome to read our ultimate guide.


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Tuomas Haapala, born in Ranua, is responsible for the blog posts and editing of the stories on the Stories from Ranua travel blog. Tuomas, who is also our digital marketing specialist, mainly works from Helsinki. Despite his relatively young age, Tuomas has been writing both as a hobby and work for more than 15 years already. Before Stories from Ranua blog, Tuomas has experience on writing content for many different blogs, articles and websites. You can get to know Tuomas’ writings in more detail, for example, on his Medium profile.

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