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Finland travel restrictions eased for EU and Schengen countries

Finland opens up for international travel – border restrictions from EU and Schengen countries will be eased in June

Entering Finland from EU and Schengen countries is allowed for those who have received an approved COVID-19 vaccination series and for those who have had covid inside the last six months period prior entry. These changes will take effect on June 21. On 17 June, the Finnish Government decided also that internal border controls and restrictions on external border traffic will be extended until 11 July 2021.

There are eight seasons in total in Finnish Lapland. This image is from mid-winter.

The eight seasons of Finnish Lapland – when should you visit Lapland?

Over the last month or so, I have come across many times in tourism-related discussions where the winter season has been mentioned to be the only real season for traveling in Finnish Lapland. This view has been a bit surprising, because for me, born and raised in Lapland, there are as many as eight seasons in total, which are all worth experiencing in their own way.

Picture of ripe cloudberries in Ranua, Finnish Lapland in summer 2020

Cloudberries in Finnish Lapland – everything that you need to know

Hilla, or lakka (Rubus chamaemorus), is the sought-after treasure of the marshes of Finnish Lapland and perhaps the most prized of our domestic berries. Since Ranua is Finland’s official cloudberry town, it is quite reasonable to dedicate several blog posts to this most wonderful berry. So, we wish you warmly welcome to read our ultimate cloudberry guide.

Mosquito bites are a common and frustrating problems in the summer in Finland

How to get rid of mosquitoes this summer – with these tips you will succeed

Different kind of mosquitoes are a very essential part of summer all over Finland. Especially here in Lapland, an itchy mosquito bite or a wake-up call at night are quite familiar and annoying guests. It should be fair to say that no one actually enjoys the company of these bloodsuckers. So with the summer already, it’s a good idea to share tips on how to minimize this annoyance.

AuroraHut glass igloos in Ranua allow you to also do some remote working

Remote work in Finnish Lapland this summer

The travel industry has been going through quite exceptional times for more than a year. As so-called normal tourism has at times even been completely non-existent, there has been both time and a need for the tourism industry to create various travel innovations. In this blog post, we present our own tourism innovation in Ranua.

Seasonal work in Finnish Lapland

Experiences on working as a tour guide in Lapland

People working in customer service positions can rightly be described as the backbone of the whole tourism industry in Lapland. Successful customer service experiences make the same customers return to the same destination from year to year and, of course, help bring in new customers as positive experiences spread through both traditional ways and social media. In this blog post, I will tell you a little bit about my own experiences about seasonal work in Finnish Lapland.

Reindeer herds are familiar sights in Finnish Lapland

Plus 10 interesting facts about Finnish Lapland

Are there polar bears in Finland? Which parts of Finland actually belong to Lapland? How many people live in Lapland? How about reindeers? These any many other questions will be answered in our latest blog post that will tell you more than 10 interesting facts about Finnish Lapland.

Northern lights photography in Lapland in winter

10 tips for Northern lights photography in Lapland during winter

The photography season for the northern lights near the Arctic Circle in Finland lasts from mid-August until the beginning of April. The whole winter is quite a great time to experience the dance of Aurora borealis on the northern sky. In this blog post, we give you ten useful tips for photographing northern lights in Finnish Lapland during winter.

Small grayling returning back to the river in Simojoki

Grayling fly fishing in Ranua – Simojoki and Ranuanjoki rivers

Despite the Simojoki River, which is strongly known as a salmon river, and the World Fly Fishing Championships, Ranua has not become a very well-known recreational fishing destination at the local level. In this blog post, however, we present Ranua’s grayling fly fishing opportunities and. In the text, I will tell basic information about the grayling itself as well as my own favorite rapids on the Ranua side of the Simojoki River and the lesser-known Ranuanjoki.


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