Guesthouse Ranua – inn’s presentation

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Throughout our business operation, we have received a very large number of different questions regarding our inn and its history. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at both the history of the inn and what the two main buildings of Gasthaus Ranua actually hide inside. As this is a very interesting and diverse topic, we also welcome any additions to the text. You can submit your own information or just memories via the contact form at the end of this text.
Majoitus Ranuanjärven rannalla - Gasthaus Ranua

The older main building Gasthaus Ranua

The older main building of the inn, more commonly known as Gasthaus Ranua, was originally built after the wars, in the 1940s. Over the decades, the inn has had not only accommodation but also a wide range of other business activities, including a kiosk, a bank, a gas station, a shop, and a dairy farm. For many current and former residents of Ranua, Gasthaus Ranua has also acted as a grandmother, for example, and it is also fair to say that a really large proportion of people born in Ranua own at least some kind of memories about this historical place.

Arctic Guesthouse & Igloosin majatalon (Gasthaus Ranua) vanhempi päärakennus kesällä
Outside of the older main building in summer (c) Jari Romppainen

The older main building contains the three- and four-bed inns, as well as the two-bedroom apartment at the end of the building, i.e. the suite. In addition to the guest rooms, our restaurant is also located inside the older main building, as well as the inn’s reception and sauna that is located downstairs.


When entering the older main building, the visitor will very likely be the first to end up in the reception and restaurant facilities of our inn, which literally exude the past decades as well as Finnish and Lapland traditions.

Arctic Guesthouse & Igloosin ravintola Ranualla

There are a lot of old details visible on the walls of the restaurant area, such as oil lanterns, various old and traditional countryside tools, and a separate frame with pictures of the inn’s phases from different decades.

On the dining room side, there is space for more than 20 people at a time, which makes it possible to arrange meetings and group dining for example.

The restaurant and reception are open from early morning until late evening, if required. Our day on the restaurant and reception side usually starts with breakfast starting at 8 in the morning and often continues until late in the evening in the form of both guest check-in and dinner.

Guest rooms

Next, let’s take a look at the room types in the inn’s older main building. Of the room types, the triple and quadruple rooms as well as the two-bedroom apartment are located in the older main building of our inn.

Arctic Guesthouse & Igloosin (Gasthaus Ranua) majatalon kolmen hengen huone yleiskuva

Triple room

There are a total of three triple rooms on the second floor of the main building. The room is equipped with three beds, a refrigerator, a microwave, an electric kettle, a small table and a TV. The room’s window overlooks the inn’s courtyard.

Quadruple room

There are a total of 5 quadruple rooms and they are also located on the second floor of the inn. The basic equipment of the rooms differs from the triple rooms in that there is more space and beds and the tables in the rooms are bigger.

Neljän hengen huone Arctic Guesthouse & Igloosin majatalossa Ranualla
Kahden makuuhuoneen huoneisto Arctic Guesthouse & Igloosin majtalossa Ranualla

Two bedroom apartment

The two-bedroom apartment is located at the end of the main building of our inn, thanks to which it has a separate, private entrance.

The two-bedroom apartment is by far the largest and best equipped of our rooms. The room can accommodate up to 6 adults at a time and the apartment is equipped with two bedrooms in addition to e.g. with its own kitchen, living room, and large kitchen table.

Majatalon kahden makuuhuoneen huoneiston yleiskuva
Gasthaus Ranua kahden makuuhuoneen huoneisto makuuhuoneen yleiskuva

As the name implies, the two-bedroom apartment has two bedrooms with a total of four single beds and a children’s bed. Extra beds for children, as well as extra mattresses can be added to the room at an additional cost of € 10 per person. The apartment also has a private bathroom and toilet.

Things to note

The triple and quadruple rooms have shared toilets and bathrooms, located on the same floor as the rooms. The two quadruple rooms at the end of the inn have a connecting door thanks to the door between the rooms. There is also a separate kitchen next to the rooms, which guests can use during their stay.

The newer main building

Gasthaus Ranua newer main building from the 1980s

The newer main building of Gasthaus Ranua was built in the late 1980s, mainly due to the increase in tourism and visitors brought by the submarine business of the time. The two-storey red and white building hides the single and double rooms of our inn.

Yhden hengen huone järvinäkymällä Gasthaus Ranuassa. Arctic Guesthouse & Igloos

Single room

Our inn has a total of three single rooms in use. All rooms are equipped with a single bed, a small table and chair, as well as an electric kettle, a refrigerator and a TV. They also have a private toilet and bathroom, as well as a beautiful lake view from the room window.

Double room

There are a total of four double rooms and the same equipment as the single rooms, but there are, of course, two beds in the rooms.

Gasthaus Ranua kahden hengen huone - Arctic Guesthouse & Igloos

Guesthouse courtyard

The courtyard of Arctic Guesthouse & Igloos is ideal for many activities all year round. In summer, it is possible to visit e.g. swimming, rowing, and fishing in Lake Ranuanjärvi, and play traditional yeard games such as crocket, badminton and beachvolley. In winter, for example, the cross-country ski trails around Ranuanjärvi, Ranua’s snowmobile tracks and the lake’s best ice fishing spots are easily accessible from our own beach.

In the yard area you will also find a free parking area for all our guests, a hut for making fires and cooking, and an old-time beach sauna, which can be booked for use at the desired time for 20 euros per hour.

Booking rates

  • Single room 55€/night

    Between 1.12 - 31.1 the price is 65 € / night.

  • Double room 69€/night

    Between 1.12 - 31.1 the price is 79 € / night, the price includes two people.

  • Triple room 78€/night

    Between 1.12 - 31.1 the price is 88 € / night, the price includes three people.

  • Quadruple room 87€/night

    Between 1.12 - 31.1 the price is 97 € / night, the price includes four people.

  • Two bedroom apartment 140€/night

    Between 1.12 - 31.1 the price is 150 € / night, the price includes five people.

All booking rates of the inn include accommodation for the number of people according to the capacity of the room (for example, the price of a double room includes accommodation for two people), buffet breakfast in our inn’s restaurant and sauna in the inn’s electric sauna.

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