Remote work in Finnish Lapland this summer

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The travel industry has been going through quite exceptional times for more than a year. As so-called normal tourism has at times even been completely non-existent, there has been both time and a need for the tourism industry to create various travel innovations. In this blog post, we present our own tourism innovation in Ranua.
AuroraHut glass igloos in Ranua allow you to also do some remote working

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The news threshold was exceeded a year ago

One of the main innovations related to tourism in Finland has been related to different kinds of virtual trips. Of these, perhaps the greatest attention has been given to the virtual flights to Rovaniemi offered by Finnair. In many media outlets, too, the innovation that exceeded the news threshold had been successful, as the very first flights, priced at 10 euros, were sold out practically in an instant.

Ranua also wrapped its sleeves more than a year ago, when domestic tourism was also practically completely forbidden. Last spring, we decided to start offering our mobile AuroraHut glass igloos as remote working spaces mainly for local people and people living nearby. The news threshold was also nicely exceeded for us, as our innovation was reported about a year ago in both Helsingin Sanomat and Iltalehti.

Great first push for domestic travel last summer

AuroraHut glass igloos are equipped with terraces in summer

The attention received in the major media about remote work gave us a very good starting point for the summer 2020 tourism summer, which finally went well. The end of May and June were already good times in terms of demand and sales, while since the beginning of July our sales accelerated very well. During July, we already had much more demand than availability, which lead us to sell lot of “no can do” when there would have been more people willing coming to Ranua than space was available.

The encouraging innovation of the spring also gave us new ideas, the most significant of which is probably that we still offer our igloo guests the opportunity to stay in our glass igloos completely without human contact. This is achieved by allowing the glass igloo visitors to order a unique code for the igloo, either at the time of booking or before the start of the booking, which allows the people to log in and out to their glass igloo completely independently. A buffet breakfast included in the booking rate can also be ordered in the glass igloo’s “cold box”. This spring, the “corona bubble” in Ranua was tested by the editorial team of Moottori-magazine. 

Features and conditions support remote working

Lakeview in Finnish Lapland, seen from the scenic windows of AuroraHut glass igloo

In addition to holidays, the features of the glass igloos in Ranua also provide excellent support for remote and teleworking. Each glass igloo is equipped with its own high-speed WiFi connection, in addition to which it is possible to charge portable devices via the USB ports found in the igloo. Igloos also offer quite ergonomic solutions, such as an openable desk, for working yourself.

And since taking short breaks is an essential part of efficient and productive work, what better way than to stop for a moment to admire the beautiful lake scenery in southern Lapland of Finland? If the thought-filled head needs cooling from time to time, the glass igloo visitor can even jump for a cooling dip in the waters of Lake Ranuanjärvi.

Are you interested in remote working in Ranua?

Are you interested in working remotely or staying without human contact in Ranua? You can contact us and ask more through our contact page. We will be happy to tell you more about these and other topics.

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