Early first snow arrived to northern Finland – landscapes like from a Christmas Card

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The first snow of autumn 2021 fell in Lapland at an early stage, as the statistical first snow fell in Salla on Tuesday morning. During the day, the snowfall only intensified and at the same time moved further south. The Finnish Snow Center was seen in the afternoon between Kemi and Oulu, where the landscapes were like from a Christmas card.
The first snow fell to Lapland before mid-September in 2021

The first snow set off the plowing equipment in Lapland

The plowing equipment in northern Finland was put into service again on Tuesday, when the first snow fell very thick between the cities of Oulu and Kemi, where the landscapes were like from Christmas cards.

The first snowfall in the snowiest areas was about 5 to 10 centimeters. Although the snow was able to surprise northern Finland with its early arrival this year, major accidents have been avoided, at least for the time being. The biggest thank you for this is that motorists still on the summer tires have understood to relax their throttle in challenging weather conditions.

The first snow has fallen on Lapland at an early stage this year, because, for example, a year ago the snow was first enjoyed in Enontekiö around mid-October.

When does the permanent snow cover arrive to Lapland?

Due to the weather remaining above zero, most of the snow that fell on Tuesday has already melted away. According to the Finnish Meteorological Institute’s snow depth monitor, the snow is currently between one and ten centimeters and only in small areas. The permanent snow cover is therefore still waiting for its arrival.

The first intact snow cover and permanent snow cover arrive in different parts of Finland at different times. In Lapland, where the winter is about seven months long, the permanent snow cover arrives much earlier than in the southern part of the country, where the winters may well be completely snow-free.

Permanent snow cover refers to the main period of winter, when there is at least one centimeter of snow on the ground. Possible snow cover typically melts in the south as early as the turn of March-April, while in northernmost Lapland the snow cover usually lasts at least until the end of May.

According to the Finnish Meteorological Institute’s snow statistics, for example at the Rovaniemi Apukka measuring point, intact snow cover has arrived between 1981 and 2010 on average around 21 October. At its earliest, permanent snow cover was obtained in Rovaniemi in 1968, when permanent snow cover was obtained on 21 September. In 2011, however, the continuous snow period was not allowed to continue until 19 November.

Article’s main image: Ismo Pekkarinen | © All Over Press

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