One of the most awesome travel experiences in Finland this summer is located in Ranua

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May is soon to be changed to June and this means that summer holidays will also be running. Those planning traveling in Finland for this summer are now thinking about where to go on a summer vacation. For those who are thinking about these things, we can recommend Ranua, which still offers domestic tourists one of the most awesome accommodation experiences this summer.
AuroraHut Glass Igloo boat and a rowboat on lake Ranua during summer

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Enjoy the summer in Finnish Lapland on board of a glass igloo boat

Different kinds of glass igloos have become an integral part of the tourism industry in Finnish Lapland in the last decades. However, the problem with regular, stationary glass igloos has been their seasonal nature and thus the limitation of the experience mainly to the winter season. The 10 AuroraHut glass igloos located on the shores of Lake Ranuanjärvi in the town of Ranua in southern part of Finnish Lapland, make a notable exception in this respect, as they are a freely movable glass igloo boats that offers experiences in the middle of Finland’s beautiful nature all year round, and rather than luxury accommodation.

The AuroraHut igloo boats are experiential with their free year-round mobility. In summer, igloo boats move from one place to another with their own electric engine, and in winter it is possible to move the glass igloos from one place to another, for example with a track ATV or snowmobile.

Free mobility also guarantees that the guest staying in the igloo boats can experience the various natural phenomena of Finnish Lapland closer than ever before. It is possible to temporarily anchor your glass igloo boat to a specific location on the lake. In practice, this means that those staying in an igloo boat can always experience the most beautiful phenomena of Finnish Lapland’s nature where they are at their best. And best of all: without the need to build permanent accommodation in a particular terrain or waterfront. In terms of its possibilities, an igloo boat could be compared to camping, for example, although staying in an igloo boat that is moved as an experience is quite different.

One of the biggest surprises in Finland's domestic travel in 2020

AuroraHut glass igloos are equipped with terraces in summer
In summer, the glass igloo boats are equipped with their own wooden terraces (c) Jari Romppainen

The glass igloo boats in Ranua could well be considered as an absolute success story of last summer as domestic travelers from Finland found the igloo boats really well. As we have already stated in our previous blog posts, during the spring of 2020 we managed to attract attention in Finland, especially thanks to the remote work opportunity of our igloos. Both Iltalehti and Helsingin Sanomat published their own news on this topic. The attention received in the media also provided a good starting point for the summer domestic travel. The snowball started to roll well in Ranua to the extent that from the end of June onwards, we also had to sell some “no can do” to domestic tourists, when there would have been more people willing to try our igloo boats than we could offer.

What kind of feedback the glass igloo boats have received from Finnish travelers?

The AuroraHut glass igloo boats in Ranua are also pet-friendly accommodation options
Many pets also visited the glass igloo boats of Ranua in summer 2020

This was an experience! Igloo rides on the lake, lakeside sauna and running into the lake from there, listening to the rustle of rain on the lake, a well-slept night in the igloo and waking up in the lake landscape. Definitely an experience worth the price.

Quote from Annuliina blog

The feedback received from domestic tourists regarding our glass igloo boats and our company’s operations has been almost exclusively positive. Many domestic tourists have spotted pictures and videos of our glass igloo boats on Facebook and Instagram ads. Despite the very visual advertisements, a lot of tourists have said in retrospect that they have been positively surprised, especially about how wonderful, varied and, above all, a completely new experience to stay in an igloo boat is. Sailing an igloo on a lake with a remote control, anchoring an igloo in the middle of a beautiful lake landscape, jumping to swim from the wooden terrace of an igloo boat or just taking sunbathing or napping in the middle of Lake Ranuanjärvi are all experiences that have never been experienced in Finland before.

The pet-friendliness of the igloos and the fact that it is also possible to accommodate a small igloo boat, mainly for two people, with one or two children have also received positive feedback.

From outside the igloo boats, a genuine and honest Lapland customer service experience has played a significant role, which our entire staff has learned to practice naturally. A huge amount of praise has also been gathered by the 1940s lakeside sauna on the lake shore, which tourists staying in our glass igloo boats can use free of charge.

Ranua surprises Finnish tourists with its versatility

Cloudberry picking in Ranua, Finnish Lapland

At the town level, Ranua has surprised many domestic tourists especially with its versatility. Of the individual issues, for example, the opportunities for diverse nature activities are at a really high level in our small town. In addition to its beautiful nature and mobility, Ranua has also praised the tranquility of the place.

You can explore the possibilities of Ranua’s summer in more detail through our blog post about the summer.

How much does it cost to stay in a glass igloo boat?

During the summer season (1st of June onwards) you can stay in a glass igloo boat in Ranua for €190 per night. The booking rate includes accommodation, buffet breakfast and access to the acclaimed lakeside sauna for two people. The booking rate for the summer season also includes an igloo boat trip on Lake Ranuanjärvi.

Are you interested? Visit our glass igloo boats’ page for more details.

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