Ranuan Keskusgrilli was voted as the fourth best grill kiosk in Finland

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Ranuan Keskusgrilli, a grill kiosk located in the center of Ranua village, has a guaranteed place in the heart of many Ranuan residents, both current and former. At the beginning of July, the Ranuan Keskusgrilli, which had long satisfied the hunger of many passers-by, received a well deserved accolade after being elected as the fourth best grill kiosk in Finland by the readers of Iltalehti.
Ranuan Keskus-grilli

The result of the vote surprised the entrepreneur

For Marko Sarajärvi, the entrepreneur of Ranuan Keskusgrilli, the result of the vote came as a real surprise. In an interview with Yle Radio Finland’s Juha Mäntykenttä, Sarajärvi told that the information came to him one Friday before leaving for the evening shift, as told by his wife Sonja.

The result of the vote has also been seen among customers in Ranua, and many who stopped at Keskusgrilli have arrived at the grill’s window showing a certain portion image.

Many customers have also ended up stopping at Keskusgrilli precisely thanks to Iltalehti’s story. According to Sarajärvi, there have been visitors all over Finland this summer.

Sausage with French fries is the favorite portion

Ranuan Keskusgrillin kebab valkosipulikastikkeella
The kebab roll with garlic sauce has been a successful product this summer (c) Ranuan Keskusgrilli

Of the individual portions during the summer, the kebab with garlic sauce, which was also featured in Iltalehti’s article, has been really popular portion this summer. Another product worth mentioning is the smoked reindeer burger with smoked reindeer and aura cheese, which is better known than pizzas and is now on sale for the third summer. Demand for plant-based products such as burgers and non-egg mayonnaise, according to the owner, has also grown significantly in recent years.

However, Ranua, the best-selling of individual portions, still is the “sausage delight” which is a simple portion of French fries with pieces of sausage. This Finnish version of fish and chips has risen to a legendary position in many different locations and the portion is also the single favorite of the owner Marko Sarjärvi. 

Sarajärvi gives a lot of praise for Ranua Zoo, as the tourist attraction that attracts travelers all around Finland also enables business possibilities for many other companies Finland, including his own grill kiosk.

The modest Southern Lapland entrepreneur, on the other hand, could not give a certain description of the strengths of his own company. The only thing mentioned during the interview was the fact that the entrepreneur himself still likes to eat the grill kiosk’s own products every week, even after more than 30 years in the business. This probably tells you the main story about the taste and quality of the dishes. 

According to Sarajärvi, the most typical customers at Ranuan Keskusgrilli are young and youngish men. The trend that has emerged in recent years, especially among younger customers, is that the dishes are asked to be customized in a more special way than in pizzerias that sell pizzas with optional fantasy fillings as such.

The staff and food of Keskusgrilli pleased the voters

According to Iltalehti, the views of the people who voted for the Ranuan Keskusgrilli were in line with the flowing annealing of kiosk entrepreneur Marko Sarajärvi, or more familiarly “Grilli-Make”. According to many respondents, the traditional Finnish grill dishes prepared by highly skilled and friendly staff are also excellent.

Among the best portions of the central grill were the roll kebab with garlic sauce mentioned earlier, a newer acquaintance with a smoked reindeer burger and a BBQ meal, which, according to one respondent, was the best thing a person can do with pants on.

Below are a few quotes from people who voted for the Central Grill.

– “Ranuan Keskusgrilli is best served by top staff and good food. Every time I visit Ranua, I absolutely have to get food from the grill. It has always been more of a rule than an exception that after the bar you go to the grill and take food with you.”

– “Ranuan Keskusgrilli has been serving its customers for decades with delicious dishes and has preserved the atmosphere of an authentic grill kiosk! You always have to stop at the Ranua grill when passing it. ”

It is also easy for me to agree with these views. It is unfortunate that I can nowadays visit Ranua so rarely, but especially nowadays I try to visit Keskusgrilli once during practically every visit. In addition to good food, it is always a pleasure to support local services, even  with a smaller stake.

The popularity of Ranuan Keskusgrilli is very visible, especially on summer weekends, when the car line to the kiosk next to Hillatori can stretch up to tens of meters. Based on this, it could be concluded that a surprising number of tourists might stop in Ranua mainly because of the Central Grill.

A varied food offering for a small tourist is a great thing. If you are interested in this theme, then take a look at one of our previous blog posts, where we also talk about Asian Street Food by Sara, which sells Thai street food in the center of our village.

About the subject elsewhere: Iltalehti | The best grill kiosks in Finland 

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