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A beautiful nature landscape in Ranua

Brave Ranua – Travel destination in Southern Lapland

There has been such a small mistake on the side of our blog that in the fragrance of everything, we haven’t really had time to introduce our town itself at all. Well, this error is corrected in this blog post where we introduce Ranua in more detail specifically as a locality.

Conan O'Brien is one of the famous celebrities that have visited Finnish Lapland

Kourtney Kardashian, Lionel Messi, Ed Sheeran… 15 international celebrities that have visited Finnish Lapland

Finnish Lapland has become a more and more popular destination for international travelers. Lapland is well known for its beautiful nature and stunning landscaped but also for the fact that we are a remote location with lots of “own space”. These are also one of the main reasons, why many international celebrities have also decided to visit Finland. In this blog post, we will introduce 15 famous people, who have visited Finnish Lapland in recent years.

Mountain biking with fatbikes in Ranua, Finnish Lapland during summer

Mountain biking: Fat bike is a year-round bicycle for all terrains

Rain, swamp, twigs, pine cones, sleet, snow and ice. The four seasons in Finland and the eight seasons in Lapland offer very varied weather conditions for moving around in nature. Because of this, it is no wonder that fat bikes have gained a lot of popularity among mountain biking enthusiasts in recent years. In this blog post, we’ll talk a little more about this trendy hobby.

Autumn 2021 lingonberry harvest in Ranua

Lingonberry – the abundant berry of Finnish forests

The harvest season in Finland has already progressed to the point that with the beginning of the autumn, the berry picking season has moved to lingonberries aka cowberries. This time, our blog will introduce this healthy super berry a little more closely. We will also take a look how this autumn’s berry harvest looks like.

Aurora borealis aka northern lights on top of a lake in Finnish Lapland

Aurora borealis – 11 frequently asked questions and answers

Northern lights aka Aurora Borealis are known as perhaps the most famous single phenomenon in the Arctic Circle, which also involves a wide variety of mystics as well as a huge number of frequently asked questions. In this blog post, we answer a total of eleven frequently asked questions about the Northern Lights.

Moose hunting in Ranua, Finnish Lapland

Moose hunting started in Finnish Lapland

The moose hunt started in Lapland and in the municipalities of Kuusamo and Taivalkoski on 1 September. Elsewhere in Finland, this traditional form of hunting will begin in early October. In this blog post, we tell you some general information about moose hunting, as well as how it is safe to move around in nature even during hunting season.

Beautiful landscape in Pähkäkallio cliff in Kuusamo

10 best hiking routes and trails in Finnish Lapland

September has now started and we will continue wit the hugely popular hiking and trekking theme on our blog. This time we will list the best and most popular hiking routes and trails in Finnish Lapland. In these destinations, the hiker is accompanied by both the rugged landscapes of the Lapland wilderness as well as the silence that helps to calm down in the middle of our busy everyday life.

Fall foliage and hiking in Finnish Lapland in autumn

What to pack for a hiking trip and how to prepare for trekking?

The fall is just ahead of us and this is the real peak season for hiking and trekking. In this blog post, we share our views on what to pack and consider when you are preparing for a couple of days hike in the nature. In the text, we also present the responsible side of hiking and some of the best hiking trails in Finnish Lapland.

Fall foliage in Finnish Lapland

Ruska a.k.a fall foliage – part of the magnificent colors of autumn in Finland

Autumn in Finnish Lapland, in addition to the northern lights, is also known for ruska a.k.a fall foliage, which in turn take care of the wonderful splendor of colors during the daytime. Since we have previously focused strongly on the northern lights on this blog, it is appropriate to get to know this second autumn natural phenomenon a little more closely at the dawn of autumn.

Jukolan viesti, aka Napapiiri Jukola orienteering competition is held in Rovaniemi in 2021

Simerock and Jukolan viesti held in Rovaniemi this weekend

The second last weekend of August is a real super weekend for our neighbor city Rovaniemi as two major events will be held at the same time. The world’s largest orienteering event Jukolan viesti (Jukola relay) will be held in Rovaniemi on August 21-22, and the largest rock festival in the north, Simerock, will resonate on August 20-22.