Tuomas Haapala

Tuomas Haapala

Tuomas Haapala works as a Digital Marketing Specialist for Arctic Guesthouse & Igloos. He was born and raised in the town of Ranua and has been working in the tourism industry in many different roles and occasions since 2007 and this is why he is also an expert of Finnish Lapland travel.

Tuomas Haapala is Arctic Guesthouse & Igloos’ Digital Marketing Specialist, who is originally from Ranua but mainly remote working from Helsinki. Tuomas has been writing different kind of content for many websites both as a work an hobby for more than 15 years now. 

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Ahvenen pilkintää

Perch ice fishing is a fun and rewarding form of winter fishing

Thanks to the long-lasting cold weather, the ice fishing season has started practically all over Finland. One of the most popular forms of fishing in the winter is the perch ice fishing, which is not only quite easy but also a rewarding way to go fishing. In this blog post, we’ll take a little closer look to this popular winter activity.

Snowflakes can form all kinds of shapes

Story of the world’s largest snowflake – facts about snow

Lately we have been covering lot of stories related to winter in Finland. This time around, we will be sharing something different, as it is time to tell a very interesting fact related to snow (which is an important aspect in the travel industry of Finland): the story of world’s largest snowflake.

Husky sledding safari in Finnish Lapland

Siberian huskies and husky sledding safaris are the highlights of many Lapland holidays

Lapland Winter Holidays have become known for many fast-paced outdoor activities, to which various animals are also very closely related. In addition to the reindeer, Lapland is also well known of its Siberian huskies (more commonly known as a mere husky), which are the absolute favorite animals of many of the youngest members of the family. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at this great dog breed as well as popular husky sledding safaris in Lapland.

Revontulet ja tykkyluimamaisema Lapissa

The best Aurora alert and space weather services for Lapland holidays

Seeing and photographing the aurora borealis have been popular Lapland holiday activities for ages. Nowadays there are multiple aurora forecasting services, in turn, which make it much easier to actually see the northern lights. In this blog post, we present a few services that specialize in space weather as well as northern lights forecasting.

Layering plays an important in terms of clothing for the Finnish winter

Winter clothes and layering ABC for the Finnish winter

The Finnish summer is often playfully described as short and light snow, but what about the winter itself? Although the Finnish winter is not comparable to that of Siberia, for example, in any case we can talk about challenging and sometimes harsh conditions, which also set their own requirements for clothing. In this blog post, we present the principles of layering, which plays an important role.

Santa claus and children in Christmas morning in Finland

Christmas in Finland – presenting traditions and food

For many Finns, Christmas is still one of the most important holiday of the year. Families usually get together and settle to enjoy common traditions together. In this blog post, I will tell you a little more about Finnish traditions, their history, food and how I usually spend this holiday myself.